The unifying moment of the three days is the One Health Awards, intended for research excellence on the national and international scene, but also for the dissemination and commitment to the planet so that One Health, One Earth comes out more and more from the academic discussion to enter steadily in the public debate.



Here are the winners of the awards presented on the evening of 14 October:

an Italian scientist
Alessandra Scagliarini

For her numerous scientific interests, for promoting teaching aimed at training medical students in the inter- and transdisciplinary approach of One Health to deepen the interactions between humans, animals and ecosystems and to manage endemic diseases with a high socio-economic impact more effectively.

a non-Italian scientist
Hechmi Louzir

A firm believer in the One Health approach, Prof Louzir was among the coordinators of the management of the pandemic emergency and the vaccination campaign in Tunisia. He was the initiator of the Med-Net project between the Tunisian and Italian Ministries of Health for the development of virtuous collaboration networks in the genomic field. Under his direction, the Pasteur Institute in Tunis is setting up a centre dedicated to the production of mRNA vaccines.

a disseminator
Beatrice Spadacini

For her competence, professionalism and passion in telling stories that enhance our shared humanity with a view to global health and a fairer and more equitable world. As manager of the Internews Health Journalism Network, a global community of professionals promoting independent journalism, Bea Spadacini has championed ‘One Health’ at an international level.

Guido Bertolaso

To Dr. Bertolaso, manager of One Health, for his undisputed ability in managing health emergencies that have affected our territory, from the disastrous earthquake in L’Aquila to the Covid-19 pandemic, to name but a few, and for his international commitment in coordinating humanitarian operations during the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina in South East Asia.

Pierangelo Clerici

Dr. Pierangelo Clerici, a member of the Standing Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health’s National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, is the authoritative voice, on regional and national tables, of One Health and of the fundamental function of Italian microbiologists who – in his words – play ‘a role not yet recognised as central on the surveillance and diagnostic front’.


The Scientific Committee


World Health Organization representative in Tunisia, professional with 30 years’ experience in health development and management in the UK, West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Philippines, Pakistan, Denmark and Gulf countries. He facilitated development, policy and health reform programs in collaboration with senior government officials.

UNICEF officer in Gulf countries; immunization officer for Denmark; health and nutrition director for UNICEF Pakistan. Senior advisor at EU; deputy director Institute for International Development at Harvard University; senior advisor at Department for International Development.


CEO of the American Society for Microbiology. He has been executive director of the American Society for Cell Biology and scientific executive for the National Institutes of Health.

Anna Teresa

Anna Teresa Palamara, medical degree, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome. Full Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy. Member of the Scientific Board of the “Institute Pasteur “Cenci Bolognetti” Foundation, Rome, Italy. Ffrom 2014 to 2018 President of Section III, National Health Council. Past President of the Italian Society of Microbiology, actually President of Probiviri of the Italian Society of Microbiology (SIM).